Monday 22 November 2021

Symbols of hope.

 After the death of both my parents I found I couldn't make art in the same way as I had before. My art always talked about my life and the people and places that are dear to me. Sometimes I had a puzzle to solve or a message I wanted to convey but I was always interested in what made us individuals. My style was unapologetic and direct, I was not in the business of shying away.

Now I feel more cautious, bumped and bruised by the last couple.of years. I cannot be so literal and direct, my process often too raw for how I feel. I still want to discuss things that matter but in a way that is one step removed.

Recently I have fallen back on using symbols to say what I wanted to say. Sunflowers for optimism and new beginnings, birds flying for freedom, sunlight and blue skies for better things to come. Recently I painted our cherry tree in our garden. I was asked to paint what Reading meant to me but after shielding and Covid I didn't think I could answer that question. My home had grown in importance, this sounds obvious but after the busy and active life before Covid this was a big change. Lockdown made me fall in love with my home all over again. My home and my family nurtured me through really difficult times and the garden I found particularly healing.

Trees for me represent strength, they bend and sway despite all the storms and bad weather. This being our first house the cherry tree was there when we moved in it felt that we were putting down roots and starting our future. 

This painting showed me a new direction, a new way of painting after not knowing who I was creatively or how to move forward. I am grateful for this painting and all it has shown me.

Tuesday 25 May 2021

Sunny starts and New Beginnings.

It has been hard to know how to start again after this year that has changed everything. Having to learn to heal after loosing loved ones and friends and adapting to a new way of living and working. Having to find your feet again. 

I feel my values shifting and changing. I don't think I will take anything for granted again. I have a renewed fierce love for the people I cherish, my home, my garden, my pets. This has turned into our whole world and has been the things that have got us through. I also yearn to be outside and feel comfort in seeing the sky.

I am truely grateful for those who have stuck by me while I changed my business from actual to virtual; for the work that came my way and for the people who kept me smiling. This feels like the time for sunny starts and new beginnings and I sincerely hope it is.


Friday 13 December 2019

Seasons Art Class Reading End of term Show Auntumn 2019.

We are so proud of the students in our brand new Seasons Art Class in Reading who have just completed the foundation course. The course culminated in a fabulous exhibition at Eye and Dunsden Village Hall showcasing the artwork our very talented artists created over the last 14 weeks. The foundation course covers a variety of mediums including drawing materials, oil pastel, water colour and acrylic painting. As we moved through the various media students were taught drawing skills, measuring and scale, bodily and facial proportions, perspective, colour theory, how to deal with different textures and a broad range of techniques from being quite precise to allowing yourself to become more free. This broad range gives each student a good grounding which enables them to develop and progress to find their own artistic style and language.  The artists really produced some stunning work which you can see below. 

If you think our fun, informal but informative classes are for you and want find out more please ring 01184360895.