Thursday, 4 July 2019

The Sketchbook Project at Brooklyn Art Library.

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to take part in The Sketchbook Project which is the world's largest collection of sketchbooks in the Brooklyn Art Library. Each artist receives an identical sketchbook and has the chance to transform it in any way they like.

I chose to record the one thing that made me truly happy each day I was working on the sketchbook. Often the smallest simplest things help me maintain a positive attitude and nourish me when times are hard. Art in itself makes me happy and the precious time I took to make the shetchbook became something to look forward to.

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Monday, 10 June 2019

Something warm, something bright.

When an artist is asked to make something for someone it means as much to them as it does to the buyer. I was lucky enough to be comissioned to create a painting to take pride of place in a newly decorated flat. When I create work for someone I try to include them as much as possible, taking into account likes, dislikes and personal style. The buyer is also invited to take a peek behind the scenes, to be a part of the creative process that informs the creation of their piece. 

The buyer wanted to incorporate blues, greens and greys to suit the room the painting was going to be in but also wanted flashes of reds, purples and pinks to create warmth. The buyer also had a great love of texture and painterly techniquess. I experimented with different acylic mediums to create life and texture. The buyer particularly liked scraping, spreading and splashing techniques. She really wanted the colours to react reacted against each other, vibrating and full of energy making a dynamic, bright and  alive canvas. After a series of experiments and a further chat this is what I came up.with! The painting has been a joy to make and I have learned  lot. I hope the painting will be loved for a long time in it's new home.

Friday, 12 April 2019

The YMCA and Launchpad Mural.

Over the last 6 weeks Launchpad Artists and YMCA Artists have come together to create a mural for the YMCA's computer room. All the artists agreed on the theme of the Tree of Life, after talking about mindfulness and promoting good mental health. For the artists the soil represents where each individual comes from. The colours in the tree's branches can be feelings, emotions and reactions to life events. What the artists wanted to show was a tree flourishing presenting an image of strength and positivity to the residents despite whatever each individual had been through.

It has been wonderful to see our artists grow in confidence while taking on such a large project. Quite often some painters have had to push themselves to work in ways they had never had to before. A couple have taken the lead on different sections of the mural and slowly they have been adding their own personality and style into the work they have been creating. This project also marks the first time these artists have really had to work together. Other projects have had the option of individual elements allowing artists to pursue their own ideas. This artwork is a true collaboration as each artist's work had to fit within a cohesive idea. I am so proud of what everyone has achieved and all their hard work. I hope this mural brings happiness and inspiration for a long time to come.

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Thursday, 11 April 2019

Seasons Art Class Camberley. End of Spring Term Exhibition.

Another term has come to an end for our Seasons Art Class in Camberley and we are so proud of our wonderful artists who have created such stunning work. This term we covered a variety of different media; oil pastel, watercolour and acrylic paints with an extra focus on watercolour pencils. In the course we explored the beginnings of abstraction, looser painting techniques, colour theory while covering subjects including observational drawings using still lives, portraiture, landscape and bird studies. It has been a wonderful term and really looking forward to the next!

If Seasons Art Class seems like the art class for you find out more by calling 01962676360.

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Leonardo da Vinci theme week at Churchend Academy School.

Churchend School have been celebrating the life of Leonardo da Vinci who died 500 years ago this year.  The students have been learning all about different aspects of da Vinci's work throughout the week and I was lucky to help explore his artworks with the children.

At the beginning of the week I worked with Years 4, 5 and 6 teaching them how to create portraits using the rules of facial proportion. Once all the features were in the correct place the children took turns in observing each other and creating accurate portraits of each other. 

I was also asked to create with the children a modern take on Leonardo da Vinci's 'The Last Supper' to be painted on the wall in the childrens' dining hall. We decided that important people from history should be featured in the mural. I am proud to say that all the children in the school painted the mural from Nursery to Year 6. The students really enjoyed finding out who all the people were and why they were so important. The whole week was a fantastic experience and so many of Leonardo da Vinci's projects really came alive. Below are some photos showing the many stages of our mural.

l-r Muhammad Ali, Florence Nightingale, Gandhi, Anne Frank, Isaac Newton, Malala. 

l-r Leonardo da Vinci, Boudica, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, William Shakespeare, Queen Victoria.