Sunday 29 May 2016

Organism at Espacio Gallery.

This is Espacio Gallery's 4th annual event on the Chelsea Fringe Trail, comprising of works in a variety of media giving a fresh look into some of the aspects relating to the natural world.

The Chelsea Fringe is an alternative garden festival which was conceived in 2010 by it's founder-director, gardens writer Tim Richardson, as a 'fringe' to the celebrated Chelsea Flower Show. It is unsponsored and volunteer run.

Organism at Espacio Gallery 159 Bethnal Green Road is running from May 24th  - June 5th 2016. Fr more information go to and

Installation 'You can't take it with can't bring it back' by Ellen Jewell. This piece deals with themes of time, change, family and family history. There is also a love of the seaside. The emotions of the sea and the treasures you can find on the beach, with memories attached to them.

Barry Amey.

Kailyn Dean.

Tessa Eastman.

Ann-Helen English.

Pamela Gerrie.

Laura Gompertz.

Sally Grumbridge.

Lydia Hiorns.

Susan Purser Hope.

Penelope Kupfer.

Kim Major-George.

Renee Rilexie.

Julia Rodgers MRBS.

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