Friday 6 May 2016

Getting ready for Organism at Espacio Gallery, part of the Chelsea Fringe.

Sketchbook page.

I am currently busy preparing for Organism which is at Espacio Gallery at 159 Bethnal Green Road. Organism is part of the Chelsea Fringe which has many venues in the area and runs during May and June 2016. I am giving my installation 'You can't take it with can't bring it back' another outing but this time joined by my Treasure series and sketchbook that takes the audience behind the scenes of the two year project. 
This project deals with themes of time, change, family and family history. There is also the love of the seaside, the treasures you find of the beach and the memories attached to them. Some of the stones and shells brought back from these days are some of my most treasured possessions. The beaches I take my family to are the beaches my parents took me to and where my Dad's family lived and can be traced back. These beaches are a home away from home and where my husband I dream about escaping to one day.
Organism is at Espacio Gallery from May 24th  - June 5th 2016. For more information go to

'You can't take it with can't bring it back'

Sketchbook page

Part of the Treasure Series

Sketchbook page.

Sketchbook page.

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