Tuesday 2 February 2016

It's amazing what you can do with some old circuit boards!

These circuit boards are the result of a combination of two projects. Over the last 6months I have been exploring colour and working hard form using a traditional approach. s part of my work at Launchpad we were experimenting with using everyday objects and creating some kind of art from them. We were given some old computers to take apart and the odd pieces and little treasure that came out were astounding! What I couldn't take my eyes off were the circuit boards inside. The pieces that interested me create all the links between the keys on a keyboard. the patterns created were beautiful like mazes making all kinds of geometric shapes. The circuit boards were also transparent and each layer was very different so all kinds of combinations could be created. So what tared as some idle colouring-in became more and more exciting. Then add the sunlight from behind and you almost have modern stained glass windows! This is just my starting point who knows where things will go from here!

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