Tuesday 25 May 2021

Sunny starts and New Beginnings.

It has been hard to know how to start again after this year that has changed everything. Having to learn to heal after loosing loved ones and friends and adapting to a new way of living and working. Having to find your feet again. 

I feel my values shifting and changing. I don't think I will take anything for granted again. I have a renewed fierce love for the people I cherish, my home, my garden, my pets. This has turned into our whole world and has been the things that have got us through. I also yearn to be outside and feel comfort in seeing the sky.

I am truely grateful for those who have stuck by me while I changed my business from actual to virtual; for the work that came my way and for the people who kept me smiling. This feels like the time for sunny starts and new beginnings and I sincerely hope it is.


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