Friday 17 April 2015

Anti-Gallery Gallery Show at Espacio Gallery, Bethnal Green. January 2015.

This exhibition was an amazing experience to be a part of. The gallery was a dynamic space where artwork changed nearly everyday. Things were built on site, the audience became participants helping to create work and truly interact with the artists and artwork. The purpose of the show was to challenge the traditional idea of a gallery but the result surpassed many of the collaborator's expectations by creating a buzzing atmosphere of creativity and playfulness. The Anti-Gallery Gallery Show was the brainchild of Degrees of Freedom, for more information go to

'You win loose some', the card game by Ellen Jewell.

'Build something to believe in' by Ellen Jewell.

'What makes you strong' communal drawing started by Ellen Jewell.

'Come and Doodle with me' started by Ellen Jewell.
'Wonders cease' by Matthew Kay. An alter constructed from things discarded from other artists while developing the exhibition. The audience is then invited to perform rites and ceremonies using the contributed objects. 

Visitors make paper aeroplanes from paper cut out of art text books which they will try to fly across the room and into a 'white cube' basket, by Esperanza Gomez-Carrera.

'Hat Dream' by Consuelo Gelluzzi.


'Art Action Exchange' initiated by Liana Bortolozzo. In order to receive one of these artworks viewers have to leave something  creative either responding to or inspired by what they will take.

'Please dispose of your feelings in the bin provided' by Jeannette Abi Khalil.
'The First Artwork is Yourself'' by Naomi Oduse. Exploring the humans on show and the roots of the artwork. 
From the moment Marta Daeuble left her home in Lyon to the time she reached the gallery she collected all the promotional material she encountered. An installation was then made in the gallery.
The aPANOPTICON by Graham Asker. An experimental mechanical sculpture that functions as a secret art gallery within a gallery. Artwork placed inside can only be explored using a HD video camera controlled remotely by the viewer with the images projected onto a wall.
'Blocks' by Chloe Louise Lawrence. The audience is invited to play with the installation gaining ownership over their creations.
'Protest in Abstract' by John O'Hare.
'Maze' by Chloe Louise Lawrence. Visitors are asked to negotiate a maze leading to different parts of the gallery. This draws attention to the gallery apparatus that guides and controls the audience.

'The Dept of Deworrification' by Monika Tobel. The personal worries of the participant will be signed over to the Department. The participant is then free from worry. 
The Tree Play created a medieval workshop in the window

'Kodak Moments' by Andrea Artz. An installation of descriptions of participants' Kodak Moments.
Hopscotch by Jeanette Abi Khalil and Monika Tobel. A multiple hopscotch, starting in the street and into the gallery extending in all directions.
Life Drawing instigating new ways of representation, by Natasha Sabatani.
Fans of Feminism made wayward wayside work involving the audience - wild knitting, wood engraving, using heat tools and making small paintings.


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