Thursday 22 June 2017

My Handbag Stories in Jelly's Open for Art 2017

Asking people to talk about their handbags unleashed a wide spectrum of emotions. These objects and their contents which we often take for granted are the key to precious memories, loved ones, intimate secrets and give insight into how the owner sees themselves. For some their bag is a source of comfort giving a sense of freedom, enabling them to go far and wide. For some it's a weight that they strive to do without. For some having a beautiful handbag links back to childhood memories playing at being a grown up and the search for the perfect handbag stretches into adulthood. For some the transition of making private into public was too much.

Come and discover my Handbag Stories as part of Jelly's Open for Art Trail from Friday 30th June  - Sunday 2nd July. For more details go to

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