Monday 6 August 2018

Click your heels together 1, 2, 3...

One of the community art projects I was running recently was inspired by Joseph Cornell an artist who created shadow boxes containing his dreams and fantasy worlds while working a day job and looking after his family. I thought some escapism would do us all a bit of good. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of fantasy here and there. The title of the book I was using for reference was called ‘Master of Dreams’ which I thought was a marvelous description and I decided to take it literally. To help plan the project and help inspire the people I work with I usually make the project alongside them so I started to delve into my own dreams and fantasies. As an adult my Achilles heel has always been when everything can get far too serious and cynicism sets in. It is so easy to get disillusioned on the rat race, barely seeing your partner, looking after everyone in the family’s needs and getting your children to tidy their room or get the dreaded homework done. Even though I am an atheist and don’t believe in magic, fate, star signs etc. I miss a time when everything was magical and I had a sense of wonder. As an adult a sense of humour or positivity usually keeps the rot from setting in but sometimes I crave more than that. The innocence of when magic existed, toys talked to you and fairies left messages under your pillow.

So if I want to create a fantasy world based loosely on the things that captured my imagination when I was little it would be a cross between the Care Bears Movie and the Faraway Tree. I would live in the clouds with cuddly teddy bears that loved me and slide down rainbows all day. Animals would talk to me, fairies would be my friends, they would show me their secrets and we would eat amazing magical sweets that melted in the mouth. We would go on adventures and be transported by clouds, beds, wishing chairs and ruby slippers and be back in time for tea.

As a grown up my dream has always been to travel, I don’t mind much, I will go most places. I don’t fancy anything dangerous, mind. I am hungry for different cultures, foods, scenery. I want to experience everything really just without the grown up nonsense of money, passports, dealing with small children during travelling, booking/arranging time off and airports that take the edge of your experience.

Looking at my methods of travelling I have plumped for ruby trainers or flats. I don’t want heels as I would never wear them. When busy teleporting around the world you don’t want sore feet and I barely have the patience for heels at the best of times. Really I would like bare feet but who ever heard of teleporting feet. Umbrellas are too unpredictable in bad weather. I wouldn’t enjoy being blown about in the rain no matter how practically perfect I was in every way. Inside a bubble I would be terrified just incase it burst. Wishing chairs and flying beds are great  - as least you would be comfortable when you travel, even get 40 winks, but where are you going to park the thing? Also do you need a bike lock to stop your precious transport from flying off on it's own?

No, no shoes it has to be, click your feet together and off you pop - maybe with a carpet bag with the odd table lamp in it just incase. A little home up in the clouds with the sun shining down would be perfect. Maybe hold the hands of the ones you love so they can come too. Carefree and looking stylish with your ruby trainers going anywhere but home.

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