Sunday 9 December 2018

Making Aslan.

Each December Launchpad turns it's training rooms into a Winter Grotto to give out donations to anyone who needs them over the holiday period. It is a wonderful thing to be a part of. This year the Art Group were asked to contribute towards the Narnia themed grotto by building a life sized Aslan. It was a bit daunting at the beginning but thanks to our very talented artists Aslan was finished in four weeks!

During week 1 we concentrated mainly on building a good structure making sure our Aslan would be sturdy and be able to stand on his own. Once the legs and body were sculpted out of chicken wire we made sure we gave him good strong spine and structure in the legs. We gave him a makeshift head making it clear what we had to do the next week.

In week 2 Aslan's legs were shaped better and we made sure they were well balanced. We had some left over modelling mesh which was cut up and threaded into the body to create a mane. He really started to feel like a lion!

By week 3 one of our artists was determined  to to make a proper head for Asian. He resculpted the modelling mesh we had and created teeth almost like dentures, creating them as a separate piece and gluing them in. With the teddy bear eyes I found the face really started coming alive. Lots more mane was added too.

Week 4 was just adding finishing touches, thickening the main and adding a nose. The final details really make Aslan perfect!

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