Monday 10 June 2019

Something warm, something bright.

When an artist is asked to make something for someone it means as much to them as it does to the buyer. I was lucky enough to be comissioned to create a painting to take pride of place in a newly decorated flat. When I create work for someone I try to include them as much as possible, taking into account likes, dislikes and personal style. The buyer is also invited to take a peek behind the scenes, to be a part of the creative process that informs the creation of their piece. 

The buyer wanted to incorporate blues, greens and greys to suit the room the painting was going to be in but also wanted flashes of reds, purples and pinks to create warmth. The buyer also had a great love of texture and painterly techniquess. I experimented with different acylic mediums to create life and texture. The buyer particularly liked scraping, spreading and splashing techniques. She really wanted the colours to react reacted against each other, vibrating and full of energy making a dynamic, bright and  alive canvas. After a series of experiments and a further chat this is what I came up.with! The painting has been a joy to make and I have learned  lot. I hope the painting will be loved for a long time in it's new home.

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