Thursday 24 September 2015

How does it feel?

Often in my artwork I feel I want to find out what people think and feel about particular subjects and issues. Often I would like people to contribute their own experiences too. In some instances I do not just want to hear my view and voice but I want research what other people think to make the work broader and better informed.

In the project I am currently working on I aim to explore attitudes towards gender, gender roles and how these are reflected back to us. I would like to know how these perceptions have effected people and their personal development, discovering who they are. In your opinion, does sexism exist? Is feminism relevant? Do your opinions change when you think of your family and friends? Are we as enlightened as we think? Does social media change these issues? Have you been effected by these issues? How did they effect you? Does sexual orientation effect this? Should there be an equivalent action for men?

I would love to hear any comments on these issues. Please leave a comment on the blog below. The best comments will be incorporated into an interactive piece that will be exhibited in 'Flesh' at Espacio Gallery in Bethnal Green in October 2015.

Thank you ;)

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