Wednesday 9 September 2015

My thoughts are my Voice.

I find I need a notebook or sketchbook near me most of the time. I feel the need to write or draw things that come up in life. It empties my head and I feel I don't have to think about those things any more. Not all of the recollections are disposable some reoccur and sometimes a theme appears. In the notebook there is complete freedom nothing is right or wrong and if you choose it can be private. Through my time scribbling away I can work things out experiment and play. I can realise my own true feelings, thoughts and devise action plans. I can also throw out the nonsense. I can be completely selfish developing an interest, researching something, who knows how it will end up? This practise has given me the tools to deal with life. Importantly over the years I have learnt to develop my creativity and discover my true self. I have developed a visual language and my own voice which now I have based my career on, something I never truly believed would happen.

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